Anal Beads: What are they and How to use them?

Anal beads are small beads on a sturdy string with a ring on one end. The beads are usually inserted into the rectum very gently, one bead at a time. It is very important to have the beads well lubricated when inserting them.

The main reason for using anal beads is for the additional stimulation of pulling them out when having an orgasm. People have reported that they have experienced a very intense orgasm when using anal beads. It’s the shuddering waves of pleasure washing over your body as each bead is slowly pulled out, that intensifies the orgasm.

I know the best feature of anal beads is the removal of them during orgasm, although, they can also be fun to insert into the rectum as well. A good technique is to insert each bead with a little bit of time in between. Insert the next bead when your partner least expects it. This is my personal favorite part of using anal beads, because the stimulation of my lover’s anus is consistent throughout the entire sexual encounter. Then when he’s finally reaching orgasm, he’s begging for me to remove them, after being teased throughout the entire love making

Anal beads are sold in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. If it’s your first experience with them, you should by the smallest ones available. When purchasing anal beads just keep in mind how stimulated you want your anus to be. Large anal beads will provide more stimulation, than smaller ones.

Safety Tips:

  • When pulling out the beads, make sure your lover’s anus is still well lubricated.
  • Use an anal lubricant for any type of anal play, like this one. It’s thick, so it lasts a long time. Trust me, it’s very helpful during anal play.
  • Pull the beads out at a moderate pace. Don’t just yank them out, you can injure your lover.
  • Many really cheap beads are made of plastic, so make sure they do not have any rough edges on them. If there is a rough edge, just use a nail file to file it down because the anal membranes are very delicate and can tear easily from rough edges.
  • Always check to make sure the string, that the beads are connected to, is strong before using them. If it seems fragile, do not insert! Just return them

Anal beads are a great addition to sex. It adds that extra stimulation to the anus and it’s so interactive for both partners; unlike a butt plug which just gets inserted and left there. But as all toys go, too much of one thing can get old. Like all toys, use your anal beads periodically when you’re looking for that type of stimulation. That way you’ll keep variety in your love making.

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