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Why would a couple watch porn together?

Millions of people have watched or will watch an adult film  at some point in their lives. Enjoying these videos is not a bad thing. They can very fulfilling and very helpful.

  • For the sheer entertainment value in them – Some couples find adult videos to be quite enjoyable, I think at this point, I’m in this category.

  • For arousal purposes – These videos are perfect for couples who are aroused by watching other people have sex. There are many clubs out there that provide that kind of stimulation, but some are either unable to go or are too shy or embarrassed to go, so these videos satisfy that voyeur craving right in the privacy of their own home.

  • To experience sexual acts that they would not normally get or can’t get involved in – There are sexual acts that some people fantasize about doing but would never really do; or maybe their partner is uninterested in participating in it. This is a way to for them to participate in this fantasy. For example, She-male porn is watched mostly by heterosexual men.

  • To satisfy a curiosity about a particular act or kind of behavior – There’s lots of things a person would never, ever do in real life, but they’re damn curious to actually see it and experience it from the safety of their own couch or computer.

  • To learn about different techniques & things to incorporate into their own sex life – While porn isn’t the best way to learn how to have good, you may see something in a video, whether it be a technique, a position, something hot to say, a way to dress, a way to act, etc. and after that, you have something new to try or introduce into your sex life.

  • For finding comfort during a sexual experience – Many  people feel awkward just at the thought of being naked or naked with another person. Adult videos are loaded with  naked people involved in different types of sexual  behavior, so this can help a person to feel more comfortable when they are really in that type of situation.

  • For figuring out what the hell gets you hot – Some people don’t know what they like and some don’t even know what they’re options are and still others are confused about their sexual preference and/or lifestyle.  Adult videos give them the option to view these different lifestyles. What are they aroused by? Do they like men having sex? Do they get hot at the lesbian scenes? Do they like watching men and women have sex? Do they like the idea of sharing their lover with someone else? Many questions can be answered just by analyzing what you like to watch.

So there you have it, some people just like porn for porn. They love to be surrounded by people having sex. They love to watch, hear and just be involved in it and by playing adult videos whenever they want, even if it’s 24/7, they do experience pleasure from it and that’s all that matters. It is unfortunate that there are people out there that are afraid to enjoy it.

How to Introduce a new viewer to porn.

So now that you know it’s okay to watch porn because everybody does it and how there’s all kinds available for you in whatever fantasy you wish to fulfill, the next step is watching it with your lady. This is, unfortunately, a very sensitive area in some relationships.

Some women find it a disgusting exploitation of women. If that’s the case, I’m not going to lie, this is quite a hurdle to overcome. It’s possible that she’s never really watched porn and was brought up hearing awful things about it. Sometimes these beliefs come from way back in a person’s life because they don’t really understand what it is. They know nothing about it besides what they’ve been told or what they’ve overheard and had no real ability to make their own choice about it.

She may have been exposed to really bad or vile porn. Most porn that people stumble upon for free online is not very good, usually the quality sucks too, and overall it’s just not very attractive. However, if you’re watching something of quality, that may change her mind.

Make sure she understands why you’re viewing these videos. Some women feel that if her man watches these movies because they are unsatisfied sexually. It is up to you to explain to her that is not the case, if it really isn’t. This is also difficult to overcome if your lady has really bad self-esteem or if the ladies in the movies are the exact opposite of what your lady looks like.

We ladies are very critical of ourselves and many are constantly comparing themselves to others. So if your lady has small breasts and your video collection is filled with big breasted ladies, that may make her feel as if you’re going to porn for something she doesn’t have and can’t give you.

A lot of this sounds crazy I know, but most of the things I’ve brought up come from things I’ve also experienced in my past before I grew to love porn on my own and even when I did enjoy it, there were still some growing pains. Still times that I took a step back and got jealous or felt insecure because of it. So there are some things to think about. Put yourself in her shoes, if there’s some serious resistance because it may help you find a compromise.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Something like this does require patience on your part. There are a lot of insecurities and morality issues a woman has to overcome when faced with this. The more patient you are with her, the more accepting she’ll be. In fact, after watching a few soft-core videos, she may actually want to view something a little more hard-core. But keep in mind that communication with your partner is vital in the success of this transition. Ask her what she liked and disliked in the movie. Let her know that whatever arouses her, in these films, is okay. And make sure that it really is okay with you.

If she tells you she was really aroused by the naked women or by the men in the film, how will you feel? I’m sure she’ll also want to know what you liked and if you liked the women in the film more than her. Be sensitive with your answers; remember you’re introducing her to your interest. The best thing to do, if you can, is have her pick some titles.

You can find trailers for many movies on YouTube. Just type in a porn company and you should get results for lots of movies. Even some websites have trailers or quick previews. Surf around and see what she responds to. If you put her in charge of it instead of being something you want to do, you may find she takes the bull by the horns and runs with it.

Try to get cozy while watching the movie

Don’t just watch the movie. Cuddle up to your lover, caress her, kiss her while the movie’s on. Let her know that telling you what she likes is a big turn on. Make the movie just something on TV in the background while you make love to your woman. Try to engage in erotic talk with your partner.

This isn’t just a regular movie, so it is not to be viewed that way. But don’t push her too much. It is up to you to read how she is with it. But giving her some loving while it’s on shows that you’re not interested in the women in the movie. Be very attentive to her.

It sounds like an awful lot but……

If this is something that’s really important for you to share with your partner, than it will be worth all the time, communication and patience in the end. There are thousands of couples that watch and are aroused by watching adult videos together. But it’s just one stimulant in their sex life. If these videos are the be all and end all of your existence, then you should probably be with a woman who really enjoys them. Keep in mind that for a relationship to be happy and healthy, it needs communication and variety.

What Kinds are Available?

There are literally thousands of adult videos available to fulfill every sexual fantasy or desire and many stores, websites and online theaters have it set up so all you have to do is type in what you desire to see and something will come up for it, really. Either that or click on the tag that best describes what you’re looking for and something will come up. (my movie reviews can help)

Some of the popular categories are Amateur, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Young/Barely Legal, Swingers, Anime/Cartoons, Asian, Big & Heavy, Bondage/S&M, Lesbians, Celebrity, Gang Bang, Story and that’s just few of them. Whatever you’re looking for or whatever you like, there is a movie or production company that features that interest or fetish. Whenever shopping for adult videos, keep in mind what arouses you.

 My movie reviews

Good Quality Movies For Couples

Many of the major porn companies now have a huge selection of movies that have a strong story line and really hot sex scenes and the stars’ acting abilities are pretty good in the non-sex scenes making for an overall enjoyable experience.  Many of these movies also start out heavy on the story and then you get to the sex, so you’ll both already be quite involved in the movie by the time the sex scene comes in, giving you a smooth transition. What’s nice for the ladies is that the men in these movies are attractive and really well groomed, giving her attractive people to look at.

Some of our favorite movies with heavy story lines are:

Andrew Blake has several good titles that we’ve found are a good watch for couples.  His movies are very sexy and sensual. They contain some really hot, hardcore sex, but it’s all presented in a softcore, music video manner.

Our favorites are Exhibitionists and Paris Chic. It’s not Andrew Blake, but has a similar feel: Hell is Where the Party Is.

New Sensations has been building up a catalog of more erotic titles. You still get hardcore sex scenes, but it all has a more erotic feel to it. You’ll be looking for their Romance Series.

Most movie companies have been putting out porn parodies of popular TV shows and movies, current and past hits. Not only do they have hot sex scenes in them, but they’re fun and funny to watch. These parodies don’t take themselves too seriously and I have found that they’re a great intro to porn for couples. Our absolute favorite that we watch over and again is Not Another Porn Movie. I highly recommend if you’re into more of a younger, hipper look and don’t mind tattooed ladies. We also really enjoyed This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX.

You can find trailers for many movies on YouTube. Just type in a porn company and you should get results for lots of movies. Even some websites have trailers or quick previews. Surf around and see what you both respond to.

Better Sex Videos, Do They Really Work?

Before I end this article, I wanted to cover a still misunderstood genre in the porn world. These videos are a great way to learn about sex. They’re made by some of the top sexperts in the field of human sexuality. Many porn stars have also come out with videos discussing different techniques and fantasies.

They are definitely not the be-all-end-all in sex education but they’re much better than learning from porn movies. Unfortunately, too many people are doing that and porn sex is really just good sex for the camera, not necessarily enjoyable for the people involved in the act. They are acting after all. These instructional vids give you the goods on real sex and how you can make yours better and/or more exciting.

Most videos have a host that guides you through a series of explicit scenes, explaining how to do or how to better a particular lovemaking skill. Some begin with a brief lesson on the sexual anatomy of males and females which I have found to be very enlightening. If you understand how the body works, you’ll be better able to give it some serious pleasure. Some also feature how to communicate these desires with your lover.

What’s nice about these videos is

  • They’re much cheaper than an actual sex counselor.
  • If watching with your partner, you can try out the different techniques along with the video.
  • Many can be watched online right now, so you don’t have to buy the DVD making it even cheaper.

Most instructional videos are not a boring waste of time. They are usually quite explicit in showing how something is done. I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t already know and if you learn one thing that improves your life, it’s worth it. Like anything else in life, it’s really as interesting or as good an experience as you make it.

Of course, if these videos don’t work or if your problem is really serious, seeking out the advice of a professional, experienced counselor is strongly recommended at that point. But for those that just want to know more, these vids should do the trick. I’ve been watching them over the years and I know my sex life has improved because of them, so I’m a fan, but be sure to check out my reviews to see which ones are worth it and which ones you can skip because as with anything, there are various levels of quality.

Some of my Personal Picks:

Wow, this has turned out to be an epic article, but I’m glad you’re at the bottom and I hope there’s something within that you can take with you that will make your life and your relationship happier and more satisfying.

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