Male G Spot : How to Stimulate the Prostate

So women are not the only ones to have a g-spot. Although it’s not really called the g-spot on men, it’s called the Prostate. By stimulating the Prostate, you can bring your man to an extremely intense orgasm, just like when you stimulate a woman’s g-spot.

So, where is the Prostate?

The prostate is centered behind the lower part of the pubic arch and in front of the rectum. It’s about three inches inside the anus. The prostate is shaped kind of like a walnut and is of a firm consistency, surrounded by a capsule of fibrous tissue and smooth muscle. It measures about 4 centimeters across, 3 centimeters in height, and 2 centimeters from front to back.

Okay, now how do I stimulate the Prostate?

There are 2 ways: Internal Stimulation and External Stimulation.

For internal stimulation, you must lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. Either use a latex glove or a finger cot. Apply a thicker, anal lubricant, like Wet Uranus Water-Based Lube, ( to your finger and slowly and carefully insert it into his rectum. Use a steady, gentle movement to push your finger into the rectum. Begin moving your finger in and out; this helps to relax the surrounding area.

Once you’re both comfortable and your finger is fully inside, slowly and carefully curl your finger. Curling your finger allows you to massage his prostate. Continue this gentle massaging. Now, some men can orgasm from this alone and others need some other form of stimulation as well. If this is your first time, communicate, communicate, communicate. Find out where’s he’s at and what he wants you to do.

For external stimulation, take your index finger and apply pressure on the area between his scrotum and anus. By putting pressure and massaging that area you are still massaging the prostate, but you don’t have to worry about any issues involving anal play!


You’ve tapped into something wonderful!

If you are allowed to internally stimulate the prostate, Congratulations! You have involved yourself in some very intimate activity! Most heterosexual men have difficulty allowing themselves to experience any type of anal play. Most men are brought up to believe that nothing gets inserted into the anus and if you like any type of anal play, than you must be homosexual. That’s just not true!

If you do get the chance to internally stimulate your lover’s prostate, be very caring and compassionate. Your man is overcoming a lot of, possibly, deep rooted beliefs. Some men are ashamed and won’t allow themselves to enjoy anal play. But it is okay, in fact it could be a wonderful experience for them. It’s important for you to let your man know that if he desires that, it’s okay!

And I have also heard rave reviews from men about their partner externally stimulating them. Most men don’t even realize the effect that a little massage and pressure could have on them, especially when they’re ready to orgasm.

Taking things a step further…

If you have been successful in stimulating your partner’s or your prostate with a finger than you may be ready to take things further, that will give even more pleasure. An anal toy, like a butt plug will provide a wonderful feeling of fulfillment in the anus while massaging the prostate. A vibrating butt plug can add that sensation that fingers just can’t physically provide. A good kit to start with is something that offers various size butt plugs so you can work up to the size you need, Juli Ashton’s Anal Beginners Kit ( is really good for this.

Now you’re ready to go even further…

Once you or your partner gets used to and comfortable with the anal penetration by something larger and more substantial than a finger, it may be time to try anal intercourse. You may be desiring to have your female partner strap-on a dildo and fuck you…or you may be desiring to now anally fuck your male partner. If that’s the case, then good for you…the both of you! This is a great discovery and is sure to be a great journey. The trust that you’re showing in one another and the desire to experience and enjoy all things sexual is wonderful.

Although penetrating someone anally, especially a man, is much, much different than penetrating a vagina. There are some important facts to keep in mind. While any kind of anal penetration requires lubricant, anal thrusting requires A LOT! In fact, all of these things that you’ve done to get to this point of desire, need to be done that same night as the anal intercourse as well. The body has to adjust and work up to that point of anal penetration. My article on How to Have Anal Sex Without Hurting Her also applies to men as well, so I highly recommend that as a source for more information.

However, there is a wonderful video series out that focuses on this very type of play. From my favorite teacher in the industry, Tristan Taormino, comes Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging DVD ( ($1.95 streaming rental) Tristan gets together with some of her adult industry friends and gives you the nitty gritty details on how to strap it on and anally penetrate that special man. The video is up to date and is presented in a fun and sexy way. So not only do you learn very valuable tips, but the movie is hot for you and your partner to watch together as well.

There are so many options for stimulating the prostate. You don’t have to choose just one…you and partner can explore it all. Whichever way you decide to do it, Good for you, you both found a new way to excite and please one another!

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