Common Questions about Anal Sex

Does anal sex hurt? There is absolutely no reason why anal sex should be a painful or traumatic experience. It has been said that many of us carry a lot of tension in our lower bodies, making the anus an even more sensitive an area. Anal play can relieve some of this tension. If you stay in tune with your body, during this type of play, you can actually develop muscle leading to more intense orgasms. A warm bath may help to relax not only the area, but your whole being as well. If for any reason, you do begin to feel pain, restrain from inserting any further, wait a moment and slowly pull out. But if you take it slow, you should have no problem.

Is there any special cleansing I should do before having anal sex?

If you or your partner is very concerned about hygiene, a small enema can be used. It is important to only use lukewarm water because if the water is too hot or too cold it could damage the lining or cause painful cramps. Remember, if you give yourself an enema, give yourself some time to release the liquid. Some people need half an hour, others need much longer. But if you do want to give yourself an enema, make sure you know what your doing.

Does anal sex cause hemorrhoids or incontinence?

No, this is just an folk tale. Hemorrhoids are usually the result of a poor diet, constipation or diarrhea. After any kind of anal penetration, your anus will feel very wet and not as tight as normal, but it will feel normal by morning. In the morning, you shouldn’t feel any different.

Are there any techniques to make anal penetration go smoothly?

As I said before, constant communication with your partner and patience is very important. Some people find it easier to masturbate or have their partner also stimulate their genitals at the same time. There are no rules, do what feels good. Anal penetration isn’t something you do first. If you’re just beginning, engage in the foreplay you
like and are comfortable with and slowly move into anal play. You’ll find it’s much easier to get into if you’re already well excited.

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