Questions About Sex Toys

Sex toys have been enhancing sex lives for millions of years. And presently there are millions of products out there. There is something for everyone and every desire. Whatever you’re into, there’s a toy out there to make you or your partner spew.

What is a butt plug?

It’s a cone-shaped device, made out of soft rubber or plastic, with a large base which is designed to be held in place by the muscles of the anus. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, vibrating or non vibrating. I recommend one like this because it’s slim shape helps it to get inserted with ease. Plus it’s made of silicone so you can completely clean and disinfect it when you’re done, unlike other rubber and jelly toys.

Why use a cock ring?

It restricts blood flow out of the penis while allowing blood to flow in, which make the penis very hard and keeps it hard even longer. My boyfriend swears by the Leather Cinch.

I’m interested in vibrators, what kinds exist?

There are an obscene amount of vibrators out there. They can vibrate, rotate, thrust or do all three at once! Some look like penises and some look like little rockets and others have their own special look. There are ones specially made to stimulate the G-spot, clit and prostate. And some are made to stimulate all at the same time! All are well powered off of batteries. Check out my 4 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Vibrator Article to find out which one is best for you. 

Do love dolls really look like people?

If you purchase an inexpensive doll, it will not look real. They are basically inflatable dolls. Some have painted on features. These will have a pouch for you to slide your penis into. To add a little more realism, you can purchase a pocket pal to put in there. The more expensive the doll is the more realistic features it will have. Some have realistic vaginas and anuses. Some also vibrate. But read the descriptions carefully and see if there’s a picture available. No matter which sex doll you buy, your sure to have fun, hey it’s your fantasy woman, so she can be who ever you want her to be and she won’t stop till your satisfied.

Most dolls are about 5 feet tall. They can be cleaned with soap and water. Since they are inflatable, you may want to buy a foot pump, to make life easier.

Are the rubber vaginas and anuses any better than sex dolls?

Well, these sex toys, are usually referred to as pocket pussies or masturbation sleeves/masturbators. They’re basically an anus or a vagina toy for jacking off. Although the materials that they’re making these out of feel like the real deal. They are the same as the dolls though, you get what you pay for. There are ones with painted hair, glued on fake hair and there are ones that are hairless. What’s being made more available, now is porn star vagina and anuses. You can actually have sex with a porn star. These are actually molded from the star’s body. And they feel so real.

So what’s the deal with tit clamps?

These sex toys are used to apply pressure to, usually, the nipples. Although they are applied loosely to other places on the body. This slight pressure makes the nipples more sensitive to the touch. If it’s your first time using, purchase ones that are made with rubber grips, like these. They’re easy on the skin. Alligator clips or anything else that has pointy teeth may break the skin. But please apply them loosely and if they become uncomfortable, remove them.

So see, there are all kinds of sex toys out there. It is my hope that if you do not have one, you’ll at least give one a shot. It’s not something that has to be used every time you fool around, but it’s always there if you want a little something extra.

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