Sex Toys to Spice Up Intercourse

Did you know that the clitoris is the only organ in the human body whose sole function is to transmit sexual sensation? And some women can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Strap on Vibrators are tiny clitoral stimulators with adjustable straps that can be worn during intercourse. By strapping-on these vibrators that are non-intruding to penetration, allows your hands to be free to explore and pleasure your partner’s body, while receiving clitoral stimulation simultaneously with penetration. Talk about pleasure overload!

If you’re looking for new positions to spice up sex, the Love Swing will help you do just that.  It’s fully adjustable with hundreds of possible positions for one or two people. It comes fully assembled, all you have to do is attach it to a door jamb or ceiling beam. Stirrups and contact points use soft pads. It comes with a padded support bar and high strength steel spring. Highly Recommended!

The Diving Dolphin is great for both partner stimulation during intercourse. It’s a jelly cock ring with a clit stimulator that comes with 2 vibrating eggs. Not only does the man get the benefit of the cock ring, restricting blood flow out of the penis, resulting in very pleasurable pressure upon orgasm, the bullet vibes stimulate the testicles and the clitoris, giving both partners equal amounts of pleasure. The bullet vibes have two separate controls so each partner can get the amount of vibrations that he/she finds pleasurable. Highly Recommended!

The Super Stretch Cock Ring is pleasurable for men and women during intercourse. It’s a jelly ring that acts as a cock ring for men and has little stubs on it to vaginally and clitorally stimulate women. For maximum pleasure, the woman should be on top so she can rub herself against the stubs to her liking. Just make sure those lovely nubs are lubed up so the lady can easily grind up against them. It’s a small product that brings a lot of pleasure! Best for ladies that feel vibrators are too strong or intense for them.

Spark your imagination and ignite your sexual relationship with positions that allow you to stimulate several erogenous zones at once.  The Expert Guide to Sexual Positions will demonstrate how to heighten arousal for you and your partner, extend pleasure and create opportunities for greater physical and emotional connection during intercourse.

Butt Plugs can be inserted during intercourse. The pressure and sense of fullness plugs provide can be highly pleasurable, particularly in combination with other types of stimulation. If it’s your first time with a butt plug, I suggest a lot of lubrication and the smallest size available and take your time inserting it.

With the popularity of the 50 Shades books, many more couples are interested in diving into the world sensual bondage. It’s a type of play that can be totally customized to your level of comfort and there’s lots of fun bondage sets to get you started. 

For the ultimate in safe sex, don’t forget about Condoms. As long as your man is wearing a condom, you’ll know you’re well protected against most STD’s, making sex even more enjoyable. Our online friends carry many different brands of Trojans and Durex condoms. We’ve even found that some of the less popular brands like the Beyond Seven, have a condom that fits really well and is not too thick resulting in a comfortable and pleasurable experience.  For extra stimulation of the penis during intercourse, add a dab of lubrication in the tip of the condom. See our Shopping for a Condom article for more info on how to find the best condom for you.

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