Multiple Orgasms…What are they and how can I have them too?

After being emailed numerous questions about how to become multi-orgasmic, I decided to get out there and get some information together or this mystical ability. The good news is, it could be learned and if you can’t do it, it’s doesn’t make you an awful lover. So let’s explore the details.

First of all, we should define what a multiple orgasm is. Most people that I asked believe that a multiple orgasm is being able to have more than 1 orgasm in a single sexual encounter. That is true to a point. Being multi-orgasmic means you experience orgasms within half a minute to a minute apart. That’s really close together. But each orgasm in a multiple O’ doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It can just be a waves of pleasurable, tension releases. Everyone experiences orgasms to a different degree and on a different level, so multiple orgasms also vary among people.


Women are known to be more multi-orgasmic than men because they don’t have to go through as long a refractory period as men. And when they do orgasm they are in the plateau stage, which means they remain in a state of excitement even after orgasm. So once a woman orgasms, she may be able to experience another if she keeps constant stimulation of her genitals after.

Don’t worry, if your clit is too sensitive, use other indirect stimulation on your vagina, labia, anus or breasts. The best position to accomplish this in during intercourse is a Woman-On-Top position because she has full control over how quickly and deeply she is penetrated and how much friction she feels against her clitoris. Most women that experience multiple orgasms are usually in their late 20’s and early 30’s, but that doesn’t mean it can be experienced if you are older or younger.

So how can a you become multi-orgasmic?

Well, masturbation is the absolute best way for anyone, male or female, to learn about their bodies and what they like sexually. So, when you masturbate, stimulate yourself to the verge of orgasm, then pause, hold back , wait and continue at a lesser degree. Repeat the whole process, until you absolutely can’t hold off any longer, then allow yourself to climax.

What about with a partner during intercourse?

The most advantageous position for a woman to experience multiple orgasms is the Woman-On-Top position. This allows her to initiate and direct most of the movements as far as how quickly and deeply she’s penetrated and she can also control the amount of stimulation to her clitoris.

What about Men?

Generally, men are not known to be as multi-orgasmic as women because when men ejaculate they go through a refractory period that can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This means that unlike women, who can continue genital stimulation right after orgasm, men can not. After ejaculation, men have to start from the beginning of getting aroused to totally erect all over again.

But men can be multi-orgasmic too!

The key to being multi-orgasmic is to learn to hold off on ejaculation. We must explore male orgasm to understand this. Generally, men have an orgasm and ejaculate at the same time, leading themselves and everyone else to believe that the two go hand in hand. But they don’t have to.

The act of ejaculating and experiencing and orgasm are two different things for men. Many men have ejaculated without experiencing orgasm and vice versa, climaxing without ejaculating. And that’s the key, holding off on ejaculating, by not ejaculating you’ll remain in a high stage of excitement. Men need that refractory period after ejaculating. Many of the men that experience orgasm without ejaculating experience a very short refractory period.

How can a man learn to be multi-orgasmic?

Developing strong PC muscles can help you control when you ejaculate. You can do this by trying to use your internal muscles to move and lift your penis. Not only will it help you control yourself, but it also looks rather magical. Another method you can use is to stimulate yourself to the verge or orgasm. Once you get to that point, using your index finger and thumb sinch down on your testicles. Take a deep breath and go again. This will teach you control.

What about during intercourse?

Well, your partner can stimulate you to the verge of orgasm, you or if you show your lover, your lover can sinch your testicles, breathe deeply and start again, until your ready to orgasm. Either that or when you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, stop all stimulation to yourself and concentrate on your partner, then when you’ve leveled out, start up again. It’s all in control.

The moral of the story.

It’s a wonderful experience if you can learn to experience multiple orgasms. Although, it should not be the be all end all of your sexual encounters. If you’re having too much trouble trying to experience them, don’t beat yourself or your partner up for it. It’s really no big deal.

The important thing is that you and your partner enjoy each other while you’re together. Concentrate on lots of foreplay before engaging in intercourse. Make that the very last thing you do and even once it’s over, enjoy the afterglow with your partner.

A little bit of trivia for you:

60% of women can achieve multiple orgasms. Although women are more prone to having multiple orgasms, emotional factors, distractions and anxiety affect their sex drive more easily than men. (Reader’s Digest Guide to Love and Sex)

For more information on Multiple Orgasms, I highly recommend Nina Hartley’s Guide to Multiple Orgasms. Nina Hartley once again helps viewers understand what multiple orgasms are and how to achieve them. As always, it’s not only educational, but fun and hot to watch too!

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