Guide to a Sexy Halloween

All the sexy porn, treats and toys to make Halloween a fun and sexy holiday!

It’s that spooky time of year again, dressing up and going out for treats.  Did you know that Halloween can be a very sexy, very naughty time of year?  Yes it can my friends!  Yes it can indeed!  So I’ve devised a guide to keep all things sexy this Halloween.  From naughty costumes, toys and movies to even treats for your adult trick or treaters, follow this guide and you’ll be on your road to a naughty Halloweeny!

Sexy, Spooky Adult Movies

If you like your porn, like I do, then you can celebrate the season of Halloween porno style. The Adult Entertainment industry makes plenty of movies that have a haunted, devilish or spooky theme.  Hey… Ghosts, goblins and monsters like to have sex too and in the following titles you’ll see just how filthy they can get.  I’ve done some searching and have found some new titles that will keep your Halloweeny steamy:

Sexy Spooky Treats

This year you don’t have to stick to the standard candy bar treat.  Treat those adult trick-or-treaters to some naughty treats.  Instead of handing out Milky Ways and 3 Musketeers, give them candy that looks boobs or penises like Gummy Boobs or Penis Gummies are sure to cause a gasp or two. 

There’s even edible candy condoms and sexy fortune cookies.

And if you’re not a candy giver then give the gift of sex…safe sex that is. Fill those naughty girls and boys treat bags with Halloween Themed Condoms or sample packs of lube or both.

Sexy Spooky Toys and Games

Sexual play can have an eerie and spooky feel to it.  It all depends on how you go about it.  Dressing like a gothic Dominatrix and restraining your lover is always a good way to celebrate the dark Halloween spirit.  How about taking an eerie glow in the dark bath with your lover. But don’t forget those Glow in Dark waterproof toys

You and your lover can also recreate the monster cock that he has with the Glow in the Dark Clone a Willy Kit …It is alive! Sweeeeeeet and spooky. 

There’s also a vibrating cock ring that glows in the dark, so you can both enjoy the pleasure together.

If you want, you can start off your spooky glow in the dark playtime with glow in the dark erotic dice.

And if you want to get a little 50 Shades of Grey bondage on, then you’ll want to look into Glow in the Dark Cuffs.

And get a whole sexy outfit going with this glow in the dark vibrating crotchless panty & pasties set.

Sexy Pumpkins

Pornkins are amazing! It’s a kit that if you make photocopies of, you can use it over and over again. Create not just any jack-o-lantern, create one with something sexy on it. Hubby and I have done this for a couple of years now and it’s great. Put in a spooky porn and carve something naughty on your pumpkin. You can choose between sex positions with a man and a woman or two women, hands on a butt. 

Well, there you have it…Some sexy, naughty and spooky items to fill your Halloween with all the filth that one could ask for. Have a very sexy and naughty Halloween!

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