The G-spot and Female Orgasm

So let’s begin with the basics. Where is the G spot?

 The g spot is located approximately two finger joints deep into the vaginal entrance. It is a spongy area, around the female urethra, about 1 to 1 ½ inches across. And to find it, it does actually feel like a little sponge. Since all women are different, the location can vary from one woman to another. Stimulating this special female spot can bring about an enormous amount of pleasure to your female lover. Yet there are so many out there that aren’t sure where it is and how to stimulate it. So this article is intended for those who have not yet engaged in g spot play.


The G spot, What do you do with it?

Well, stimulating the g spot to the level where it will ejaculate requires three major items: time, tender play and, constant tapping of the g-spot. The best way to do this is to use your index and middle finger, once you’ve found the g spot, curl them and straighten and repeat. The motion is kind of like saying “come here” with your fingers. So you start by stimulating the g spot with just your fingers. As she becomes more excited, you of course add more lube, and slowly work your way to the point where you can slip your hand into the vagina. The best way to insert your entire hand is with your hand palm up and your lover on her back or on all fours. Bring your fingers and thumb together to form something that looks like a duck bill. With massaging and possibly gentle twisting motions, slowly tease your hand into her vagina. If all is fitting well, and once you get past the third knuckles, your fingers will start to gently and naturally curve back to form a fist. Now realize that the whole thing takes time and trust, but those that can and will accept a whole hand, vaginally, say that it leads them to transcendent, ecstatic altered states.

Do keep in mind though, that it is best to wear well lubricated latex gloves, not only to protect yourself, but to protect the very tender vaginal tissue. Fisting is known to be one of the most wonderfully intimate activities on the planet. One women I spoke with said that she can actually feel her lovers heart beat when doing it. I can say, from my own experience, that vaginal fisting is a very different type of stimulation. It is just an overwhelming feeling that I find difficult to put into words. It’s not something that is done all the time, so when it is done, it’s very special. I have also been told, that it is quite an amazing experience to partake in when your the one doing the fisting.

Another way to stimulate the g-spot with your hands is a little more intense. It’s called vaginal fisting. Vaginal fisting is a talent all on its own and I do recommend A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting, which will give you a more detailed explanation about how to go about fisting, the intimacy surrounding it, and how to do it safely. I can’t get into as much detail as the book, but I can give you the basic technique. The most important thing is to make sure that your woman is worked up enough that she’s ready to accept all or most of your hand in her vagina.

Is there any other way to stimulate the g-spot without engaging in such a serious activity?

Yes, there is. Although the g spot can be stimulated by fingers alone, the adult industry has created a variety of toys made specifically for finding the all important g spot. So far, I’ve found that the Gigi Vibrator by LELO is the best g-spot vibrator and the Njoy Pure Wand is the best gspot dildo because it’s hard and not soft, it can actually hit the g-spot. It doesn’t bend out of shape, like some jelly or rubber vibes. Now, like all my other articles, this information has been gathered through my own  personal experience and various resources that I have come across. Even though some of this sounds very technical, don’t be weary of trying it. You should always have a good amount of knowledge before going into any type of new sexual activity
so no one gets hurt.

Get Into Position

We have learned that the best way to get into position for G-Spot stimulation is by using Liberator’s Ramp or Wedge Shape. Each of them allow a woman to naturally and comfortably angle her body better for easy access to the g-spot. These great cushions also spice up other sex positions.

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