Basic guidelines for sex toy care


Vibrators can be wiped clean with a cloth moistened with warm water or alcohol. Now there are many moist antibacterial wipes available that can also be used to wipe down most sex toys. Vinyl vibrator attachments can even be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. To prevent corrosion of motor parts, don’t ever immerse a vibrator in water.

Silicone Toys

Clean silicone with mild soap and water, and make sure it’s been rinsed well and is thoroughly dry  before putting it away. (Most viruses and bacteria cannot live on a dry surface.) Silicone products  can also be safely washed in the top rack of a dishwasher or sterilized by boiling (unless your dildo has any plastic parts attached)

One word of caution: please do what you can to avoid breaking the surface of the silicone. Once even a small crack has formed, silicone toys can tear quite easily. So watch out for teeth and fingernails, and don’t let the cat  kidnap your toy! If you are using a harness, make sure the dildo fits easily through the opening and does not have to be forced. Use some lubricant, if necessary.

Rubber Dildos and Plugs

As these rubber dildos are porous, using condoms is the easiest way to keep them clean. Rubber dildos will become more flexible with time and use; if you d like yours to soften up in a hurry, leave it in the sun. Clean all dildos and plugs with mild soap and water. Make sure they have been rinsed well and are completely dry before putting them away.


Keep your harness as clean as you would any other item of intimate apparel. Hand wash your harness with mild soap and water, and let it dry thoroughly before putting it away. Be careful not to leave your leather harness in front of direct heat.

Latex Products

Use only water-based lubricants with latex, never oil or petroleum-based lubes. Keep latex in a cool, dry place. Don’t re-use latex. If you’d like to swap toys with a partner or use the same toy vaginally and anally without interrupting the flow of things to wash up, put a condom on your toy to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria.

Toy Care Update

Due to advances in technology and new cleaning inventions, most battery operated toys, non pourous materials, can be easily wiped cleaned with disinfectant, anti-bacterial hand wipes.

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