Valentine’s Day Gift Guide What to get the one you love?

A tricky holiday to shop for as you’d like to do something a little bit different to show that special someone how much you care about them. The only concern is that you have to make sure you don’t overstep your boundaries. If you’re in a new relationship and you get something too sexy that may send the wrong message and send your loved one running away. And if you’ve been together for a long time, you don’t want to get the same old boring thing. So here’s a guide to help you sort through the mess. If you realistically know what kind of relationship you are in, this guide should help.

Just Started Dating

If you’ve just started dating someone, the traditional gifts will be fine. You don’t want to overstep your boundaries or seem too forward. But you do want that your sweetie to know that you care about him/her and his/her likes. To accomplish this, get your sweetie something that has to do with an interest or hobby he/she was telling you about. This will show that you have been paying attention and you do genuinely care about what’s important to him/her. This is a great way to start off a relationship. So here’s some acceptable gifts for your new relationship: roses, chocolates, mushy cards, that special interest item or a book about what he/she likes. Books make great gifts because they can be so personal and really show a person that you’ve been paying attention to what they’ve been saying.

Dating For A While and Just Got Intimate

You’ve been dating your honey for a while and the intimacy has just begun. This Valentine’s Day you want to show your honey that you are interested in keeping the flames-a-burnin’. You can get some of the traditional gifts, but you want to add something a little naughty and a little sexy. Sexy lingerie, erotic books, naughty cards and an erotic game. These games will help you and your lover take your passion to the next level in a playful and less stressful way. Or how about sprinkling your bed, carpet or bath with rose petals to make your night a little bit more romantic? It is a known fact that few are able to resist the seductive qualities of a rose’s beauty and aroma. Or get a nice smelling massage oil, I’ve even found grapeseed oil to work really well and you can get it in the grocery store. But more importantly, learn some good massage techniques. There’s nothing worse than you’re lover trying to give you a massage that’s painful to experience. 

Exclusive and Intimate For awhile

If you and your lover are past that point of sexual awkwardness and feel pretty comfortable with each other sexually than this is your category. Naughty gifts is the way to go! You’ll want to compliment that bottle of champagne with some chocolates, Sexy Candy with naughty messages on them. Or how about making your lover the chocolate treat? Paint a sexy chocolatey message on your lover. You get to apply it and lick it off!

Naughty lingerie like crotchless panties and a thong for him is more acceptable at this point in the relationship. Want your lover to dress up like a schoolgirl or how about a naughty nurse? There are plenty of sexy outfits and costumes out there to explore different scenarios of pleasure. How about a little leather lingerie ?

Maybe a sexy beginners bondage kit. By blindfolding your lover, his/her sense of touch will become extremely sensitive. By just blindfolding your lover, you’ll both be able to explore this new area of play and trust. Maybe you want to try something a little more advanced, this gorgeous Red Roses Flogger is perfect.

Or try a sex toy that will please the both of you at the same time like the Bo Cock Ring or the We-Vibe will have you both down the road to really great and memorable sex. Both of these toys are non-sexual looking making them easy to introduce into partner sex.

Have Been Exclusive for a Long Time and Are Looking To Really Spice the Sex
Life Up

This category is mostly for couples that have been together and intimate for so long that they think they’ve explored all their options. That’s just not true. There’s always something new to explore and discover and here’s a few ideas.

You could start by going back to the basics. When it comes to a no hands on approach nothing beats a pair of Remote Control Vibrating Panties.These panties come with a vibrator inside. Have your lady wear them as your out and about for the night. You hold on to the remote and whenever you get the urge, vibe her! The excitement of this secret naughtiness should keep you both aroused for a good part of the night.

Since all orgasms originate in the clitoris, a vibrator is a great way to stimulate the clitoris and give your woman an incredible orgasm. But don’t just give her any boring old vibrator. This year, you’re going to kick it up a notch. The Form 2 is my absolute favorite vibrator.  The design of it, helps it to get right in where it needs to and makes masturbation and partner sex soooo much fun.

Don’t be afraid to splurge. Glass Dildos are the hottest thing to hit the sex toy world. Not only are they a total joy to use, the most hypoallergenic toy to use, but they are a beautiful work of art that any woman would enjoy.

If you’re not interested in toys, you can still give her the gift of great sex by learning the down the dirty techniques from sexpert, Lou Paget, in “How to Give Her Pleasure.” Lou Paget gives you step-by-step instructions on how to give your woman incredible manual and oral pleasure. Actually a really fun idea is to read and learn some or all the techniques in the book. Wrap it up with her other gifts and place a note on it that says “I’ve studied real hard and now I’m ready to give you the incredible sexual pleasure you deserve!” I’m sure she’ll get aroused just by knowing the extra effort you put in to make your sex life even better.

How about the men? They need to have their toys too right? This Valentine’s Day give your boyfriend/husband a handjob he’ll never forget. The Senso Lips gives women the ability to give a great hand job without all the worry. This jelly boy toy when slid up and down the shaft of the penis gives him that feeling of initial vaginal penetration with every stroke. Just run it under warm water apply a generous amount of lube and start stroking!

One way to spice things up for your man is to treat him to divine prostate stimulation which can enhance oral sex and intercourse. The Nexus Glide is a great first time anal toy that does all the work for the both of you.

If you don’t fell comfortable with a toy like that, but still want to give an incredible handjob that he’ll never forget, I hightly recommend “How to be a Great Lover” by Lou Paget. Lou Paget gives you step-by-step instructions on how to really pleasure the penis! (How to Be a Great Lover by Lou Paget, Book Review)

If you want to really get wild and crazy, then you need the Love Swing. This swings adjusts so you can get yourself in a variety of positions to have the kind of sex you never thought you could have. Best of all it’s easy to set up and packs away easily for storage. If space is not an issue than the Liberator Sex Cushions are the way to go. They now have a beautiful Heart Liberator Shape, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

And don’t let this night go by without a dirty movie. There are some great couples’ flicks out there to get you both so heated up you probably won’t make it through the movie. Movies can be purchased by either partner. If the woman purchases it, you’re showing that you understand the visual stimulation needs that men have and that you’re comfortable and confident enough with yourself to watch these movies with your lover. Some suggested feature-type movie, titles are WastelandParis Chic, Flashpoint, Dream Quest, The Masseuse, Malice in Lalaland .

Have you given your lover a strip show yet? Men are very visual creatures and no matter how long you’ve been together, a special naughty show just for him, will light his fires. Don’t know where to begin, then check out Nina Hartley’s Guide to Stripping for Your Partner.

Still don’t know what to get?

Our friends have great naughty gifts, plus several romantic and exciting Valentine’s Day Kits already put together for you to help make your shopping experience easy as pie. Also visiting them helps to support this site.

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Whichever relationship you are in, it’s important that Valentine’s Day is a day for you and your lover to share with each other, getting to know each other, loving each other or discovering new and wonderful things about one another. I’ve always referred to Valentine’s Day as the Holiday for Lovers, so make the most of it and show that special someone how truly special they are!

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